Friday, December 19, 2008

A Motorbike Clock

I made this one for a christmas gift for my brother who loves motorbikes....

It is made from pine and finished with teak oil.

Wooden Coffin from Beech and Walnut

This is one i made last week, I dont know why but a coffin i taught looked nice!!!
I made this using the scrollsaw and bandsaw from beech and walnut.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Fifty pence shaped box

Well this one is my own design and project, I made this from Mahongany and Pine and
finished it with Teak Oil.

I make my designs with a program called - Corel Draw x4 - which is a great tool for making
scrollsaw patterns.

Oval box

This is a box i made with the scrollsaw mainly, I got this project from a book called - Box Making Projects by Gary Mackay.

This is a excellent book to help you learn how to make all sorts of box type projects.
I made this box from Mahogany and Pine, and finished it with teak oil which really brings out the colour of the wood.

My Workshop

My workshop, as good a place to start as any i guess,

I taught id start off this blog with a few pictures of my workshop, This is where i do all my projects.

This is my Scheppach Deco Vario Scrollsaw

And My Record Bandsaw.
These are must have power saws if you intend to do wooden craftwork to make life a lot easier.