Thursday, January 1, 2009

Home Made Drum Sander for around €40

I taught id share this idea i made today in approx one hour and very cheaply using left
over wood, silverline drum sanding bits-€10, A halfords power drill -€25, and a bracket to hold
the drill on the bench which i got at a fair for about €10.
This is extremely handy for those awkward
sanding jobs and the silverline kit came with
five different size drums, from 10mm to 50mm and pads of different grits aswell, I got this on ebay.

I used offcuts of doorframe screwed at back onto
the bench, Then a 2x1 screwed onto the front, Then a piece of MDF with a hole where the drill head is. I just put 2 screws in the mdf because i need to take it off to change the bits.
Well i hope you like this and save some time and


Graycrow said...

good luck with the blog, your work looks interesting


Thanks Graycrow nice comment. Nice to here from a fello Wexie!!