Monday, February 2, 2009

A Glass Shelf Ornament with a Downlight!

Hi All,

Well Ive been quiet due to my pc packing up on me and it took a while to fix.. :(

Anyway this is one i designed myself and have
made in the last week or so, It has two glass
shelves and two solid shelves for the top and bottom,
Also i put in a nice blue downlight which shines
through the glass to the bottom, It would
be nice for displaying jewelry or other ornaments,
Its about a foot high and the bottom shelf is a foot
in diameter.

This is made from American Walnut, African Walnut, Beech and Glass.
I finished this with teak oil.
I made this using the bandsaw, Scroll saw, and Router mostly.
well i hope ya like this one. :)


realfEZ said...

Very elegant.
Keep up the good work.

Best Wishes,

Handi said...

This is pretty damn cool...

Now if you made one that was just alittle bigger, say like 3' or 4' with a few more Shelves, more maybe cross Shelves...

So it could sit on the floor with maybe a few mirrors, you could prolly sell that.

This project looks great..