Monday, February 2, 2009

A miniture stool for my 4 year old Godson and Nephew!

I made this stool for my godson James,
who is also my nephew,
It is made from pine and finished with a clear varnish,
The tools i used for making this stool were the
table saw, bandsaw and router mostly for the rough work.
Then it is sanded down and finished by hand.

The name is engraved into the wood about 5mm deep and i could put any name on there for a personalised project. :)


Handi said...

Really Nice Table! I like it...



Cheers Handi, Glad you like it.
Hope all is well your way.

Handi said...

Not too bad... Got a Sore Throat and a UTI. not in a 100% Great mood, but Makin the best of it...

Been Playing world of warcraft so I been a little busy with that and Planning out my Next Thing...

Ive gotten some Great advice on a Audio Recording Studio so to speak to start doing some Audio Podcasting in conjunction with my video.

This will give me the best of both worlds, expecially When time is an Issue.